Monday, February 13, 2012

One of our Dogs Showcased at Westminster dog show

Kentucky teens take center stage at Westminster dog show

"Sarah Congleton, 18, is competing for the fifth time. She's showing two English springer spaniels: Deuce, in the junior showmanship competition, and Sedona, in the breed competition. "

Deuce is one of our club's certified therapy dogs. It is great to see our dogs serve so many people.

Read the full article here here:

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Kind Word in the Halls

Barbara wanted to share a kind word she received while visiting Central Baptist Hospital the other day:

When we were at CBH this morning we were stopped in the hall by a gentleman who is part of Environmental Services.  We had quite a nice conversation with him and he told us of being a patient not too long ago.  He said he had been very discouraged and depressed when he was visited by a big, white, beautiful dog that changed his attitude and really began his healing process.  He gave so much credit to that brief encounter.  I thought you should know what an impact you and Mister had made.  Thank you for all you do.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pat’s Experience at Saint Joseph

I almost thought it was "Dog Day Afternoon" today at St. Joseph on Harrodsburg Road.  I showed up with Freya and there was Pete (of course...driving Ms. Buttercup to St. Joe for their first visit there).  Buttercup was a great hit with everyone.  I think it took us about 30 minutes to get out of the lobby to go to the floors.
Freya enjoyed her visit also, she was feeling pretty good so she thought she would step in for Monk since he still has a little cold.
It was great seeing Liz...but I almost didn't recognize her without Mister....just kidding!
If you ever want to participate in either Saint Joseph or Central Baptist, the click the links to learn more.
Take care and watch out for the goblins and ghosts tonight!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saint Joseph Hospital's Newest Volunteer, Teddy

The following article was published in Saint Joseph Hospital’s Volunteer Newsletter for October/November.

Teddy started volunteering at St. Joseph's on June 29, 2011.  He is a six year old rescued cocker spaniel (rescued form an Ohio Cocker Rescue Group when we has two).  Teddy has been a therapy dog and a member of Love on a Leash (LOAL), a national therapy pet organization, for three years.  Because of his therapy work required photo IDs, he has two picture ID badges: one as a member of LOAL, and one as a Saint Joseph volunteer.  He proudly wears his ID badge while working at Saint Joseph and gets lots of smiles because of it.

To ensure there are no Teddy impostors, Teddy signs in 24 hours in advance to advertise when he will be coming to the hospital.  This also provides security with notification as to when he will be visiting.  Walking around the hospital, Teddy is often recognized and greeted with a happy "Teddy!" greeting.  Although Teddy's mom, Becky, brings Teddy to the hospital weekly, she is unknown without Teddy.  Teddy is the "real volunteer."

Teddy volunteers duties include waiting room visits, patient room visits (when invited), walking through the hallways of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th floors, and even meeting people in elevators.  He has lots of opportunities to hear stories of family pets who are at home and usually gets photographed daily via cell phones so his picture can be sent to someone "who just HAS to see him."  Teddy has even received text messages requesting special visits on specific floors.  Teddy is at Saint Joseph's to be petted, hugged, kissed and admired.  His forever wagging tail and happy smiling face brings big smiles on patients, visitors and staff.  Teddy makes sure he stops by the information desk on his way home to see some of his favorite volunteers.  He is always ready for a hug and a kiss.  He doesn't even mind an occasional pull of his tail from little ones or lipstick left behind from admirers.

Teddy lives with his two brother, Trooper (age 7) and Pokey (age 4).  They are also rescue dogs but are not therapy dogs.  The three of them have ben spotted walking in Veteran and Christmas parades.  Topper and Pokey wear signs which ready "MY BROTHER IS A THERAPY DOG."  Teddy and his brothers have also been pictures in the Lexington "TOPS" magazine.

Teddy has his own personal e-mail address: and Teddy is also on facebook: Teddy Stapleton.  Feel free to reach him at either of these mentioned resources.

Teddy plans to continue volunteering at Saint Joseph for many years to come.

VA on Cooper Loves LOAL

We enjoyed your recent visit to the VA. As a Recreation Therapist I spend a lot of time with the patients so I can quickly see the impact of your visits. The hospitalized patients are focused on health issues, some in crisis, and then in walks Monk and the focus completely changes. Often, a smile replaces worry lines, a silent person suddenly speaks up, patients sharing a room start to talk with each other comparing pets and exchanging funny stories with staff. This mood lasts long after the visit. Hours later I overhear patients telling stories of the visit to loved ones on the phone, staff sharing dog stories with patients, lot’s of stories of love. The love of a pet should never be underestimated and neither should  your visits! 

Pat, thank you for your time, and thank you for sharing Monk with our Veteran’s.

Mary Pippen

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Congratulations Liz & Cindy - THD Title

We would like to congratulate two of our teams who have gone the extra mile to earn there American Kennel Club Therapy Certification.
  1. Liz & Mister 
  2. Cindy & Emma

This is not any easy certification to gain and requires that each teams logs 50 hours of therapy visits.  To learn more about the American Kennel Club Therapy Dog Certification, visit their website: 

Congrats to both! 
Deb, Lorayne, Kristen and Lee